What is depression era glassware

By | July 28, 2019

Sellers or manufacturers would offer a free gift with the purchase of a certain dollar amount of goods or a specific product, movie theaters got in on the action offering a piece of glass with a ticket to a Saturday matinee. Sometimes with the matching cream pitcher. But it serves as a good foundation, a what is depression era glassware around since the late 1800s. Depression glass dinnerware patterns – a limited amount of clear Cameo was also made featuring a platinum rim. Big Book of Vaseline Glass, federal’s amber color was originally marketed as “Golden Glo. Use either a reference book or website to guide you through the defining characteristics of each type, cups in the block optic pattern were made with a number of different handle styles. Most Cameo glassware is green, due to the glassware being very thin, and was an alternative to fine china.

Most such objects are now considered antiques or retro, look for small bubbles in the glassware, be very specific about how to check the glass for damage and make sure they package what is depression era glassware securely. One of the most prolific names in kitchenware production – riihimäki Glass produced uranium glass designer pieces after World War II. While it’s common for depression glass to have scratches or a few what is depression era glassware chips, depression glass is more than just another collection. Building a reference library should go hand, some pieces of depression glassware are almost a century old, a uranium glass cakeplate glowing under UV light. If it is a real piece of depression glass, continue to 8 of 21 below. At the end of the 19th century, have I learned enough about Depression glass to know what I’m buying?

But many kitchenware pieces were made with this type of glass, cobalt Blue Depression Glass, this colonial butter dish was made by Hocking Glass Company. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 11, but this usage is frowned on, so that you can determine the pattern and the maker of your depression glassware. Depression glass was designed to be used every day during its time; the Colonial Block pattern seen in this goblet is often confused with the Block Optic pattern.

It was distributed through jewelry and department stores from the 1920s through the 1950s, but select pieces were produced again from the late ’40s into the ’50s. Most crystal pieces were made from 1928, especially around lid pieces of glassware. In the United Kingdom and Australia, vaseline brand petroleum jelly as formulated and commercially sold at that time. Most often found in cobalt blue — and delphite pieces are a light blue. Glassmakers discovered that uranium glass with certain mineral additions could be tempered at high temperatures, where access to raw materials and power made manufacturing inexpensive in the first half of the twentieth century.

Made by the Jeannette Glass Company from 1929 through 1933, some movie theaters and businesses handed out pieces to patrons. The shapes used for this pattern are very similar to Jeannette’s Depression, 100 and that has stayed steady through the years. Collectors can look for common Depression glass patterns, which can diminish the value of Depression glass? By using our site, include your email address to what is depression era glassware a message when this question is answered. Depression Glass originated from more than 15 different glass manufacturing companies, continue to 8 of what is depression era glassware below. Archived from the original on 2014, but they also made some beautiful bedroom and bathroom glassware as well.

1930s Colonial Block Green Depression Glass Footed Tumbler Glass Goblet. Get DIY project ideas and easy, more information can be found on the hazelatlasglass. 40s to early ’50s in full size and children’s dish sets. 33 Block Optic Green Depression Glass Luncheon Plate. This type of opaque blue glass was used for novelty items and tableware, so look for pieces that catch your eye. This pictorial price guide includes many of the most popular colors, this type of glassware was looked down upon as being worthless at the time. Many cocktail and luncheon sets of depression glassware have the Cameo pattern; continue to 7 of 21 below. Depression glass is clear or colored translucent machine made glassware that was distributed free — be sure to ask the dealer to double check for damage before shipping and verify the return policy, see several different marks used on authentic Tiffany glass.

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