What flu vaccine for over 65

By | June 30, 2020

what flu vaccine for over 65

Getting a flu shot can reduce the risk that we pass the flu on to protecting this group is particularly. Also check out this expert Q and A. The risks of flu complications are highest for people age 65 years and older, so another person.

Influenza vaccines are a safe and effective way to help people stay healthy, prevent illness and even save lives. As people age, they may be at higher risk of complications from influenza. For this reason, seniors age 65 years and older are advised to get an inactivated influenza vaccine or flu shot each year. The inactivated influenza vaccine is provided free to seniors. Contact your health care provider to get your influenza vaccine. The inactivated influenza vaccine is safe. It contains killed influenza viruses that cannot cause influenza.

Back when I worked in a primary care clinic, this is when we made a big push to offer the seasonal flu shot to all of our patients. And we got ourselves immunized, as well. Not all of our patients agreed. Many older adults are skeptical of the need to get a yearly vaccination against influenza. Or they think that the vaccination will actually give them a mild case of the flu. Vaccination for seasonal influenza can indeed be a confusing topic. Depending on the year, the Centers for Disease Control CDC estimates that every year, influenza affects million Americans, causes ,, hospitalizations, and results in 12,, deaths. Influenza is more severe in some years than others.

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