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How can you be born with diabetes

The misery of giving tiny babies regular insulin injections is over. Babies born with diabetes can now be treated successfully with tablets instead of injections, a new study suggests. Scientists have examined data collected over the last decade from patients diagnosed with neonatal diabetes who switched from receiving insulin injections to sulphonylurea tablets. Researchers from… Read More »

Can i run with arthritis in knee

Run who claim that running knee their knee pain often already had had injured knees. You may need to switch your run to something less high-impact, such as swimming or cycling. Unfortunately, science says yes, but you can slow it using our tips to prolong your training and run knee long as possible. Find proper… Read More »

How to live with someone with depression

You may ro want to inform yourself and your loved one about the relevant disability find out more about live people who have a mental. Make sure you can be totally honest with the person you turn to-choose someone who will listen without interruption depression without judging you. Someone you get frustrated, try how, but… Read More »