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Do We Actually Know What We Should Eat?

I would like to believe that we Americans actually know what we should eat for a healthy diet. If that is true then why are so many Americans obese and why are so many in poor health because they are over eating the wrong foods?   It is a fact that mass production and marketing… Read More »

Should You Eat the New Fake Meats?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Over time, meat substitutes have gotten increasingly more like real meat. The question is, are these newer, so-called virtuous alternatives to meat healthier than the real meat they mimic?  Tags Diet and Nutrition Blog

When should i reverse diet

From there, you have three options — build, cut or simply maintain your weight at this higher calorie intake. That is another reason to reverse diet. Reverse dieting is pretty much what it sounds like: a diet turned upside-down. From there, you’ll use this to establish baseline macros. But when you gain a substantial amount… Read More »

Should You Keep a Food Journal?

Should you keep a food journal? And if so, what should it look like?  Food journals are a really valuable mindful eating tool to have to help you develop awareness and a better mind-body connection. You can learn how certain foods are working for your body and what eating behaviors you have.  There’s so much… Read More »

How often should i eat cholesterol

Life threatening events are often the first physical symptom of clogged arteries. Fat 37 kJ is energy dense, it contains more kilojoules or calories than other components in foods such as protein 17 kJ and carbohydrates 16 kJ. Associations of dietary cholesterol or egg consumption with incident cardiovascular disease and mortality. The recommendations tie into… Read More »