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National Olive Day 2021: Types of Olives Everyone Should Know and The Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of These Tiny Fruit

Happy National Olive Day! What’s not to love about this fruit that grows on olive trees. Rich in vitamin e, Olivesdont just go great with martinis but also have huge health kickbacks. Widely incorporated in Mediterranean cuisine as oils or whole (also remember martinis) They have mostly flown under the radar.  Until recently people around… Read More »

If Xavier Becerra loves abortion too much to enforce existing law, then he should resign

We already knew Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra is dedicated to abortion. Now, we see that his radicalism makes him unwilling to enforce the laws he has sworn to uphold. If he won’t enforce duly passed laws restricting abortion, Becerra should leave office. First, the background: Becerra is almost ghoulish in his support… Read More »

‘Masks should be banned from classrooms as they mean deaf daughter can’t learn’

Lexie Hubbock was born deaf and has been wearing hearing aids since she was four months old. Now 12, she’s had hearing tests and operations on her ears throughout her life, being fitted with a cochlear implant in October 2020. The electronic device, which bypasses normal hearing in favour of electric signals which stimulate the… Read More »