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Questions over SA border bungle compo plan

The South Australian government has failed to detail its promised compensation scheme for NSW travellers inconvenienced by Sunday’s border bungle but promises it will “immediately respond to people’s concerns”. Hundreds of people travelled to the state before the 12.01am deadline when tougher border restrictions were enforced due to Sydney’s northern beaches outbreak. But many people… Read More »

The questions Trump’s doctor dodged

Donald Trump’s physician held his first briefing on the President’s condition today, where he answered questions from reporters. Actually, I’ll rephrase that – he answered most of their questions. The team of doctors treating Mr Trump, led by White House physician Dr Sean Conley, spoke to the media outside Walter Reed Medical Centre. They painted… Read More »

Burn fat how many questions

The key word how is or, not and. We can’t make our brains or livers bigger so that they burn more calories, but we can build or at fat protect the muscles we have in order to maximize the number of calories we are burning each day. Some pills and studies do claim questioms it… Read More »