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In a First for the Continent, Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Produced in South Africa

WEDNESDAY, July 21, 2021 — The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be produced for the first time in Africa by a South African firm, Pfizer announced Wednesday. The Biovac Institute in Cape Town will produce the vaccine for distribution across Africa, which is in desperate need of more COVID-19 vaccines as cases surge, the Associated Press… Read More »

Pfizer is not superior to Moderna and it’s ‘perfectly okay’ to mix COVID vaccines, experts say

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health Canada While health authorities are reassuring Canadians that it’s safe to mix COVID-19 vaccines doses, some appear to be rejecting Moderna for Pfizer Author of the article: Sharon Kirkey Publishing date: Jun 24, 2021  •  June 24, 2021  •  5 minute read  •  126 Comments “There may be some brand… Read More »

Ready to square off with Pfizer in next-gen pneumococcal vaccines, a Merck exec says competition’s a good thing

As next-gen pneumococcal vaccines from Merck & Co. and Pfizer work through the FDA review process—and as an important CDC committee weighs data this week—a Merck exec says he embraces the competition that’s likely to follow. Ahead of Thursday’s meeting of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, Merck’s Luwy Musey, executive director in biologics and vaccines clinical research, said in an interview that… Read More »

Where is viagra manufactured pfizer

Dimensional barcode that works hand in hand with the RFID chip so that pharmacists and wholesalers can track the Viagra from the factory, the products manufactured at where is viagra manufactured pfizer plant are bulk active ingredients or drug substances. A cure for intestinal worms. Check for US customers and Wire Transfer for non —… Read More »