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IFIC: Intermittent fasting replaces clean eating as most popular diet, presents marketing challenges – FoodNavigator-USA.com

According to the International Food Information Council’s massive most recent annual Food & Health Survey ​released this month, 43% of Americans now claim to follow a specific diet or eating pattern – up from 38% in 2019 and 36% in 2018. But unlike last year’s top diet of ‘clean eating,’ or the focus on ketogenic… Read More »

What flu killed the most

In all, over 90, workers were mobilized to the Western Front. The first known cases of Ebola occurred in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo in , and the virus may have originated in bats. There have been statements that the epidemic originated in the United States. Journal of the Chinese Medical Association. Medical… Read More »

Perspectives: Government Can’t Wait Any Longer To Get Supplies For Hospitals; Who Needs Most Help From Stimulus Packages?

Editorial pages focus on these health care topics and others. Boston Globe: Trump Must Act Now To Boost Production Of Medical Supplies Pulling the levers allowed by the Defense Production Act wouldn’t be a magical instant solution to the supply shortage that this administration allowed to fester for months after the coronavirus first popped up.… Read More »

Galentine’s Day celebrates female friendships, the most complex of all

I quite like the idea of Galentine’s Day, the unofficial holiday that celebrates female friendship every February 13. The concept comes, not from a PR company or Hallmark marketing team, but from an episode of Parks & Recreation in which the relentlessly conscientious Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) organises a brunch for a motley crew of… Read More »