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What is migraine pain like

But the reality can be hard to put into words, especially since the experience can vary by person, and may include other stages aside from the actual attack, including a prodrome signaling an oncoming migraine symptoms can include irritability, food cravings and depression and an aura, which produces nervous system symptoms most commonly visual changes… Read More »

How to treat a migraine when pregnant

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant soon, what do you need to know? Many doctors believe rising estrogen levels help reduce migraine frequency and intensity. Caution does need to be used however in women who have migraines with aura, as the increased risk of stroke may further be increased by the addition… Read More »

How to use magnesium oil for migraine

We have all experienced that familiar aching sensation in the temples or a building of pressure inside the head that signals a headache. Headaches are often mild — they come on quickly and fade over time — but they can also be quite severe, especially if you have a nutritional deficiency or they could be… Read More »

How bad can migraine get

migrain Often confused with a stroke, migraines cause changes in vision migraine are not related to. Put a cold compress or cloth over your forehead or behind your neck. Hormone how Women may experience can related to their menstrual cycles, to menopause, or to aura vision bad. Retinal migraines also called ocular. get A migraine… Read More »