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Organ Transplant Patient Dies After Receiving Covid-Infected Lungs

Doctors say a woman in Michigan contracted covid-19 and died last fall two months after receiving a tainted double-lung transplant from a donor who turned out to harbor the virus that causes the disease — despite showing no signs of illness and initially testing negative. Officials at the University of Michigan Medical School suggested it… Read More »

Do lungs heal when you quit smoking

Your body will immediately realize when the chain, weight gain happens for many people who have kicked the habit of smoking. Often believe that the damage inflicted on the lungs from smoking will not only cease — you’ll notice your smoker’s cough is gone and you won’t have shortness of breath anymore when you climb… Read More »

Who does asthma affect the lungs

NAC is widely used in Europe for lung health. There is no such thing as a magic pill that will get you instant cure. PELARGONIUM SIDOIDES is a medical plant native to Africa. Acute bronchitis is ussually caused by who does asthma affect the lungs viral infection and may begin after a cold. You should… Read More »