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Covid-19 news: 2 million people affected by long covid in England

By Michael Le Page , Clare Wilson , Jessica Hamzelou , Sam Wong , Graham Lawton , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool A long covid patient receives treatment from a physiotherapist. Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/Shutterstock Latest coronavirus news as of 5pm on 23 June Long covid may have affected more than 2 million people… Read More »

How Long Does it Take for Botox to Work? 11 FAQs

Botox treatment for crow’s feet, forehead, and in between the eyebrows has hiked in popularity in the past decade, particularly in the last year. One reason for this has to be the increasing popularity of online dating and meeting apps that have put our faces on the display more than ever before. This article talks… Read More »

Studies ketogenic diet long periods

The downsides: Though the internet is full of anecdotal success stories, there’s no scientific evidence of health benefits — particularly in the long term. Organ fuel selection: Brain. This can affect your metabolism and make it more difficult to lose weight again in the future. Keto and LCHF have tremendous health benefits, in particular for… Read More »

Pandemic’s economic hit will be here ‘for a long time’ even if a vaccine is approved, economist says

While markets reacted positively this week to promising news of potential coronavirus vaccines in development, a top economist warned that the economic hit from the pandemic will be here for a long time.  A large number of small businesses that closed in March — when restrictions around social movements went into effect — are not going to… Read More »