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Can anxiety keep you from pooping

This sort of constipation usually goes away in a few days. Sometimes, things like being busy, not wanting to use a public toilet, or not wanting to go at work or on holiday can make you ‘hold on until later’. But if you ignore the urge to go when you feel your body’s signals, it… Read More »

Should You Keep a Food Journal?

Should you keep a food journal? And if so, what should it look like?  Food journals are a really valuable mindful eating tool to have to help you develop awareness and a better mind-body connection. You can learn how certain foods are working for your body and what eating behaviors you have.  There’s so much… Read More »

How to Have Safe Sex During COVID-19 Pandemic? Creative Ways to Keep Your Sexual Excitement Alive

Cybersex (Photo Credits: Pixabay) In the midst of COVID-19 uncertainty, you may have had one or more moments where you have relaxed unexpectedly and thought it is a blessing in disguise. From flexibility to work to spending time with your soulmate, there is some silver lining to this self-isolation. While we do not want you… Read More »

Sign up for recalls to keep your family safe

Australians could be at risk of injuries or even death from 6.6 million individual products currently under voluntary recall, with about half of these still likely to be found in people’s homes, new figures show. Figures show that each year the ACCC is notified of about 650 consumer product recalls, but only about half of… Read More »