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Zombie health care news

Although I am advancing rapidly into almost complete retirement, there are some days/weeks when I can’t refrain from pointing out some of the troubling health care news I see.  This is one such week. First, the COVID zombie news My local Star Tribune newspaper delivered this front page news: University of Minnesota, Mayo report COVID-fighting success… Read More »

8 common men’s health issues to watch out for

Some men struggle to look after their mental and physical health, which may cause them to skip checkups and screenings that can ensure they live long, healthy lives. Men who don’t take the health of their mind and body seriously may develop serious health issues. The “medical gender gap” and its consequences are real, according to… Read More »

Immediate HIV treatment reduces out-of-pocket health expenditures

The policy of offering HIV treatment to all people with HIV, regardless of CD4 cell count, has important economic benefits, a randomised study from Eswatini shows. Patients spent 49% less on health expenditures, with the greatest savings coming from not seeking care from private providers and traditional healers. In sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 40% of financing… Read More »

National Olive Day 2021: Types of Olives Everyone Should Know and The Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of These Tiny Fruit

Happy National Olive Day! What’s not to love about this fruit that grows on olive trees. Rich in vitamin e, Olivesdont just go great with martinis but also have huge health kickbacks. Widely incorporated in Mediterranean cuisine as oils or whole (also remember martinis) They have mostly flown under the radar.  Until recently people around… Read More »

Oprah talks mental health on ‘Black Women OWN the Conversation’ on anniversary of George Floyd’s death

Entertainment Health Loading the player… As we’re commemorating the first anniversary of the sad and untimely death of George Floyd, the impact on our psyches has not been completely determined. The tragic murder of yet another Black man at the hands of police being broadcast repeatedly has taken its toll on the Black community, whether we are… Read More »