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Study of injectable PrEP reports the best efficacy seen yet for any form of PrEP in women

HPTN 084 study finds significantly lower adherence in women taking daily PrEP pills A second study of an injectable HIV drug used to prevent HIV has had its randomised phase stopped early after it became clear that giving women a two-monthly injection of a prevention drug resulted in nearly nine times fewer infections than giving… Read More »

How is anxiety a form of depression

They may also meet the criteria for bipolar disorder if they also experience symptoms of mania. These signs may begin during the third trimester. Despite a loss of interest in work or loss of concentration and attention, some men with depression may work longer hours than usual, possibly to avoid showing signs of the condition.… Read More »

Why do acne cysts form

Dermatologists may also offer incision and drainage of certain large cysts, journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. A clogged pore gets so irritated that its walls break, despite the normal increase in androgen levels during puberty, your doctor may decide to drain it or remove it surgically. Inflamed acne blemishes are much more likely to… Read More »