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Does keto diet work for everyone?

Some, perhaps an extra pound or two max, but that would quickly disappear again if you went back into ketosis within a day or two. She suggested eating your largest meal at midday, then having a healthy afternoon snack. Your body everyons? sheds excess weight — dlet. So when you’re left with no recourse, you… Read More »

Viewpoints: Denying Climate Change Puts Children’s Health At Serious Risk; Time To Open Our Arms Again To Everyone, End Mental Health Torture

Editorial pages focus on these health topics and others. The Hill: Children Are The Most Neglected And Vulnerable Stakeholders In Climate Change According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 10 percent of the world’s population is less than five-years-old and they will bear 90 percent of the economic and health burden of climate change.… Read More »