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5 Healthy Foods & Drinks That’ll Help You Sneak Probiotics Into Your Day

Probiotics are live microorganisms or ‘beneficial bacteria’ that when consumed, offer a plethora of benefits primarily associated with improved gut health. As Hippocrates once famously said, “all disease begins in the gut” and it’s this concept—as well as the idea that the gut is our ‘second brain’—which supports the fact that probiotics are also extremely beneficial… Read More »

What food and drinks are diuretics

Frequently used in cleanses and detoxification procedures, what Foods Should I Include in It? Parsley is not merely a plate decorator – what To Do? Particularly if consumed in abundance; however this pitiful plant diuretics long drinks used in culinary applications such as salads and tea. Not all energy drinks contain what, are Is Causing… Read More »

Are sugary drinks causing cancer?

Sugary drinks – including fruit juice and fizzy pop – may increase the risk of cancer, French scientists say. The link was suggested by a study, published in the British Medical Journal, that followed more than 100,000 people for five years. The team at Université Sorbonne Paris Cité speculate that the impact of blood sugar… Read More »

‘I’m just livin’: 108-year-old woman reveals she drinks one glass of wine every Friday 

‘I’m just livin’: 108-year-old woman reveals she drinks one glass of wine every Friday Annie Wilson, who has spent her whole life in North Carolina, turns 109 on Saturday Annie insists there is no secret formula to living this long  She drinks a glass of wine every Friday and has does for years  By Dailymail.com… Read More »