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Agender child claims male pronouns

The mum of a child who lived an entirely gender neutral life for their first four years of childhood has revealed their firstborn’s preferred pronouns. Dr Kyl Myers, who moved to Sydney from the US with her husband Brent Courtney and their child Zoomer in November 2020, made the announcement online last month. During a… Read More »

From poster child to laggard: Charts show Asia is far behind the West in vaccinations

A doctor walks past the banner announcing a Covid-19 vaccination drive in Hyderabad, India on May 28, 2021. Noah Seelam | AFP | Getty Images SINGAPORE — Asia-Pacific is struggling to vaccinate its population as Covid-19 infections rise rapidly in many places around the region, some at record-breaking levels. Many Asian governments had problems securing… Read More »

Coronavirus: Child psychologists highlight mental health risks of lockdown

The delay in getting children and adolescents back to schools is a “national disaster” that is putting their mental health at risk, say leading psychologists. In an open letter to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, they say the isolation of lockdown is harming already vulnerable young people. Highlighting the low risk to children of Covid-19, they… Read More »

Abilify overdose in a child

To help you remember, this is to track the outcome of the pregnancy and to evaluate any effects of aripiprazole a the baby. You can run an anti — your doctor may start you on a low dose of aripiprazole and gradually increase or decrease your dose depending on how well the medication works for… Read More »

How to allergy test a child

The answer to the question of what are the symptoms of disease deficiency. If the antibody is present, an allergy is probable. Pair medication with other preventative measures. If cow milk allergy is considered, skin allergy test is performed. Disclaimer: This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or… Read More »