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B.C. medicare ruling clashes with 2005 Supreme Court decision that said Quebec can’t ban private health insurance

Article content continued But there were nuances. Three of the seven judges said the insurance ban violated section-7 of the Charter, while one just said it breached a similar section of the Quebec bill of rights and declined to deal with the Charter. Three judges dissented, which meant there was a three-three tie on the… Read More »

Why cant diabetics use melatonin

Stipulating that side effects and effectiveness use pose obstacles, various drugs melatonin supplements are widely available to help diabetics increase sleep why. We do not enter into the world with infinite knowledge of ourselves and our surroundings. Women in the use 6-sulfatoxymelatonin category had an estimated incident cant of diabetes cases perperson years compared to… Read More »

Cant take deep breath allergies

Do cats or pollen make you sneeze and cough? When symptoms affect both your nose and your lungs, you may have allergic asthma. Learn how to manage it. Allergies alone can make you pretty miserable. But sometimes what triggers allergies can create even more havoc — in the form of asthma. Cleveland Clinic is a… Read More »

‘I Can’t Turn My Brain Off’: PTSD and Burnout Threaten Medical Workers

The coronavirus patient, a 75-year-old man, was dying. No family member was allowed in the room with him, only a young nurse. In full protective gear, she dimmed the lights and put on quiet music. She freshened his pillows, dabbed his lips with moistened swabs, held his hand, spoke softly to him. He wasn’t even… Read More »