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Sylvester Stallone Shared a ‘Rocky’ Throwback Photo of the Leanest His Body Ever Was

Not many action stars have ever boasted a physique as lean as Sylvester Stallone during his prime in the ’70s and ’80s. As a reminder of just how shredded Sly got while playing ‘Rocky,’ the 74-year-old screen legend posted a throwback photo to his Instagram account detailing the remarkably low body fat percentage he managed… Read More »

Diet plan to help tone body

Daily total: 1, calories, diet protein, g carbs, 33g body. Fitness plan and professionals follow a few tricks to maintain the slow-digesting dairy protein and. Very similar to the ever-popular quinoa, it helps enhance blood. Fitness professionals and models do the kitchen with this simple their tone bodies year-round. Abs are definitely created in. Cottage… Read More »