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From poster child to laggard: Charts show Asia is far behind the West in vaccinations

A doctor walks past the banner announcing a Covid-19 vaccination drive in Hyderabad, India on May 28, 2021. Noah Seelam | AFP | Getty Images SINGAPORE — Asia-Pacific is struggling to vaccinate its population as Covid-19 infections rise rapidly in many places around the region, some at record-breaking levels. Many Asian governments had problems securing… Read More »

Canadian behind controversial fluoride research spoke to conference featuring anti-vaxxers, COVID conspiracists

Article content continued Wakefield and another of the presenters have had their medical licences revoked, while Mikovits was briefly arrested after she allegedly took lab notebooks and other proprietary information from a research facility where she’d worked. It’s difficult to say what obligation scientists have to vet fellow speakers, but in giving top billing to… Read More »

Canada strikes more deals for COVID-19 vaccine, but may have to wait in line behind other nations

Article content continued “Concluding these contracts is not simply a matter of distributing a standard-form contract and having vaccine suppliers agree to our preferred terms,” said Anand. “The environment is intense, the demand is high and each negotiation is unique.” We have been the slowest Western country in the world to arrange a vaccine supply… Read More »

The Perps Behind COVID-19

“I am not saying that China deliberately released this, shooting itself in the foot. But it was clear they were developing an extremely dangerous unknown biological weapon that had never been seen before, and it leaked out of the lab… I personally believe that until our political leaders come clean with the American people, both… Read More »