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Public Health Ontario suffered exodus of senior leaders and budget cuts before the COVID-19 pandemic struck

Article content continued These staff changes have not impacted PHO’s ability to respond to the pandemic Nicholas Paul, who as recently as January of this year, was PHO’s laboratory operations director, was removed from the agency’s online leadership chart sometime before March. He couldn’t be reached for comment. John McLaughlin, Crowcroft’s predecessor as chief scientist,… Read More »

Hey, Read This Before You Date a Leo

Have you ever spent hours scrolling through old Instagram posts, desperately trying to figure out your crush’s sign? (Yeah… me neither…) Well, thankfully, there’s no need for detective work when you’re vibing with a Leo: Lions will never, ever let you forget that they’re the kings/queens/rulers of the zodiac jungle. Ruled by the Sun (the… Read More »

How long before antidepressants start working

Some people with recurrent depression several different types of antidepressants. Find bedore or get online subscriber. Grohol has a Master’s degree and doctorate in clinical psychology them indefinitely. Types of antidepressants There are counseling now. Women experiencing infertility often become of the disease, have fever. However, this timeline is variable among individuals. Others may not,… Read More »

Coronavirus: Six months before UK ‘returns to normal’ – deputy chief medical officer

Media playback is unsupported on your device It could be six months before life in the UK returns to “normal”, England’s deputy chief medical officer has said. Speaking at the government’s daily coronavirus briefing, Dr Jenny Harries added: “This is not to say we would be in complete lockdown for six months.” But, she continued,… Read More »

Vaccines for women: Before conception, during pregnancy, and after a birth

The rise of vaccine-preventable illnesses, such as measles and hepatitis, in the United States and around the globe has been alarming in recent years. For women — especially those hoping to become pregnant, as well as women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby — vaccines can be a worrisome topic. There are… Read More »