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By | September 8, 2020

SUNBURY – Kids might find themselves in different learning environments this fall but good nutrition is still a critical part of academic success…That’s according to Beth Stark and Kathryn Long, registered dietitians from Weis Markets, who recently talked about why nutrition should be part of your back to school checklist.

“A better ability to learn and concentrate when they are in school, strong bones and muscles, they’ll have increased energy throughout the day. Related to their immune systems again, being properly nourished you’re able to fight off those illnesses and germs a little bit better,” says Long.

She says to make food fun with a mix and match approach and focus on a well balanced diet, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep to building long-term habits, “Good nutrition and good eating habits starting young will result maybe in a reduced risk of chronic diseases later in life. There’s a ton of benefits.”

Beth Stark says that structure and preparation are two ways to prepare, even if parents find themselves in a remote learning and work environment this fall, “I think the most important thing like Kathryn said is to really focus on the nutrition. No matter what your setting is this year, just stick to that, and a structure. So, still remaining at the lunch hour to eat lunch and even providing snacks if you need to, to help power your child through that day.”

Long and Stark were recent guests on WKOK’s Sunrise program. You can hear all of their “Healthy Bites” and tips on the WKOK podcast page.

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