Coronavirus testing: £6 COVID-19 test could be rolled out – and claims to be 98% accurate

By | March 20, 2020

Asked where the product is currently being used, Mr Campbell said: “We’re mostly exporting this product into countries in Europe, the Middle East, and we’ve even got interest as far as Australia.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t really been able to get much traction in the UK with the NHS – which seems a bit of a shame, that we’re sending it abroad and we’re not able to use it here to really help reduce the number of infections.

“We’ve done all the clinical work behind this test, we believe it has a really great part to play in terms of doing large amounts of screening to really help control the infection and get that data on where exactly this infection might break out.”

Questioned on what his message for the Government would be, Mr Campbell told the PA news agency: “I suppose our message is: We’re here and happy to do any trials and things like that to prove the accuracy.

“We’ve done them all ourselves already but we’d like to engage with partners to do trials in the UK as well.

“We’re here to do what we can to reduce the spread of infection.

“We’ve done our best to engage with the Government and the NHS.”

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