What Should I Expect in Online Couples Counseling?

By | January 12, 2020

What is online couples counseling?

Online couples counseling is a form of mental health treatment where two people in a relationship get to work through challenges. You won’t sit in a therapist’s office, but rather in a comfortable spot where you and your partner feel comfortable. You get to talk about issues such as communication, sexual problems, infidelity, and parenting issues. Depending on the problems in your relationship, there are no limitations to couples counseling. You can discuss whatever challenges you and your partner are having in the connection. Couples counselors are incredibly experienced and understand that every relationship is different. Feel free to discuss any sensitive issues that come up for you and your partner.

What to expect in couples counseling

During the initial sessions of couples counseling, you will meet with your counselor online. You won’t necessarily jump into the problems that you two are having. First, the couples counselor will get to know each of you. They will figure out your individual personalities and how you come together as a unit. Before understanding the challenges that you two are having, the couples counselor needs to understand who you are and what you bring to the relationship. They also need to have a concert if your partner is and what they are bringing to the connection. After that initial couple of sessions, your couples counselor will discuss the pertinent issues in your relationship. They will figure out a plan as to how to navigate the roadblocks.

One problem at a time

Once you determine what issues in the relationships are in couples counseling, your counselor will develop a plan of action. Remember that you cannot fix all of your relationship problems at once. They will focus on the most pertinent issue. Maybe you had an affair, and you want to talk about that infidelity and couples counseling. If that is the main issue, you will discuss that with your couples counselor and work through the issue with your partner first. There may be other problems within the relationship besides the infidelity, but you can focus on this as a primary issue to begin with, and other things will come out along the way. “One problem at a time” is a good mantra to remember when you’re in therapy because you want to make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself. You have as many sessions as you need with your online couples counselor to talk about problems.


Your couples counselor is there to mediate any conflicts he may have. If things get heated between you and your partner in couples counseling, you can expect that the counselor therapist will likely intervene. Sometimes people have big emotions, and they want to express them. Anything is welcome in online couples counseling. If your counselor feels that things are getting too heated, they will mediate the issue, and make sure that everybody is safe in the situation. You don’t have to deal with explosive anger or if you don’t want to. Her counselor will help and make sure that everybody feels safe in the session.


Some sensitive topics may come up in couples counseling. One issue mentioned above was infidelity. That can be something that people don’t necessarily want to talk about with their friends and family. Everything you say to a couple’s counselor is confidential unless you want to harm yourself or others. You can talk about whatever sensitive topics you need to discuss, and a couple’s counselor will keep them confidential. You may be talking about sexuality or things that are happening in your intimate life. You can be sure that your couples counselor will treat these issues with grace and make you feel safe.

Finding a couples counselor

You can choose to work with an online counselor for couples therapy. It’s an excellent place to find help for your relationship. You don’t have to navigate relationship problems alone. Marriage and family therapist or couples counselors are adept at dealing with complex relationship issues and can help you and your partner to heal from trauma. Whatever your problems are, a couple’s therapist can help you maintain a stable relationship or separate peacefully. Couples counseling can be a game-changer in relationships, and it’s worth giving it a shot.

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