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Weight loss: One woman lost a whopping six stone with this simple diet plan – Express

After losing weight, it is no surprise some people will use social media to show off their impressive transformations. Posting on Reddit, one woman said she used a diet plan to shed 5st 8lb and she slimmed from 16st 1lb to a healthy 10st 7lb. The dieter explained following an intermittent fasting diet plan helped… Read More »

The FDA has approved AI-based PET/MRI “denoising”. How safe is this technology?

By LUKE OAKDEN-RAYNER, MD Super-resolution* promises to be one of the most impactful medical imaging AI technologies, but only if it is safe. Last week we saw the FDA approve the first MRI super-resolution product, from the same company that received approval for a similar PET product last year. This news seems as good a reason… Read More »

How Keto and Five-By-Five Workouts Helped This Guy Lose Nearly 200 Pounds

Eric Clarke’s weight gain started in middle school. The 33-year-old state park employee from Virginia Beach, Virginia, remembers it happening slowly, just from diet and inactivity. He played football as a lineman, where being heavier was an advantage. Then came college, with parties and drinking. He followed that trajectory into his thirties. At his heaviest,… Read More »