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Charity accuses celebrity mothers of promoting unsafe baby sleep

Charity accuses celebrity mothers of fuelling a rise in SIDs as stars such as Kim Kardashian post photos of their babies in ‘unsafe sleep positions’ on social media The Lullaby Trust has warned celebs may promote unsafe sleeping practices  British charity said influential parents need to be careful about what they post Cot deaths in… Read More »

Sleep Better, Live Longer: A Man’s Guide To Good Sleep and a Great Life

— Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining good health and contributes massively to every man’s wellbeing. Regular quality sleep ensures that we recharge our batteries on a daily basis and can be the key to extending life expectancy. However, there are numerous obstacles to obtaining the requisite amount of sleep and it… Read More »

Improving Sleep May Relieve Depressive Symptoms in Menopausal Women

Peri- and post-menopausal women frequently complain of insomnia or poor sleep quality. Sleep disturbance is often attributed to nocturnal hot flashes; however, a study from researchers at Wayne State University School of Medicine suggests that a sizeable proportion of menopausal women may have a primary sleep disorder.  Clinically we see that sleep disruption, especially when… Read More »