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Sleep better at night naturally with Vedic Essentials GoodNight sleep aid

I don’t normally have issues falling asleep, only occasionally my thoughts take over and stop me from falling asleep quickly. Sometimes, after a more eventful and stressful day, the struggle to fall asleep is more real, but what really messes up my sleep is waking up throughout the night several times. Luckily, this doesn’t happen… Read More »

Woman's rare condition makes her sleep for a week after drinking alcohol

A student, named Hermione Cox-Denning, has to sleep for a week every time that she drinks alcohol. Hermione was only recently diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome which is a  rare neurological condition that causes her body to shut down days a time. When she first started to drink alcohol she thought that she caught a bug… Read More »

Charity accuses celebrity mothers of promoting unsafe baby sleep

Charity accuses celebrity mothers of fuelling a rise in SIDs as stars such as Kim Kardashian post photos of their babies in ‘unsafe sleep positions’ on social media The Lullaby Trust has warned celebs may promote unsafe sleeping practices  British charity said influential parents need to be careful about what they post Cot deaths in… Read More »