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Bradford partners with TytoCare to provide virtual consultations for children with acute health conditions

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will be the first provider in the UK to partner with TytoCare, an all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for remote medical examinations. The Trust will carry out a three-month pilot of the TytoCare handheld module examination device to enable remote examinations and diagnoses of a cohort of young… Read More »

9 Guys Confess How They Caught Their Partners Cheating on Them

Most people have at least a hunch when they’re being cheated on, even if they can’t prove it. For these people, the evidence eventually presented itself first-hand—in the form of texts, confessions, and even being caught in-person. Here’s how these guys eventually confirmed that their partners had strayed. 1. “I had a feeling something was… Read More »