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Singer Tifa Spills All Her Fashion, Fitness & Food Secrets!

Success isn’t determined by one’s physical appearance. That saying holds true and dear to Jamaican dancehall artiste and singer Tifa. Diagnosed with Blount’s disease from an early age she never allowed the illness to prevent her from realizing her dreams and pursuing her musical aspirations. Women Fitness President joins the artist and singer Tifa for an… Read More »

Track & Field Athlete Khamica Bingham Unveils Her Fitness Secrets

Khamica Bingham is a Canadian track and field athlete who specialises in the 100 metres. She has represented Canada at the Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and the World Championships in Athletics. She became part of the national record women’s 4×100 m relay team along with Kimberly Hyacinthe, Crystal Emmanuel and Shai-Anne Davis. She is also the 2019 Pan American Games Silver medalist in the 4×100 m relay. Women… Read More »

How to Get More Focused on Fitness

Learn how to get more focused on fitness. Are you finding it hard to keep yourself focused on fitness? It happens to all of us. We start a new fitness routine and it’s going great for a while, until we lose our motivation. So, how do you keep up with what you started? Here are… Read More »