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Where Surgeons Don’t Bother With Checklists

Ten years ago, checklists for surgeons were all the rage. Inspired by the preflight routines of airline pilots, surgical checklists were shown to prevent tragic errors, reduce infections and save lives. Dr. Atul Gawande, a Harvard-trained surgeon, championed them in The New Yorker and wrote a book about them, “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get… Read More »

What happens if you dont pop acne

They start off as a red, painful bump under the skin and as they progress develop a white head. Sign up and get yours today. Toner: Which Is Right for Your Skin? But when squeezing pimples, popping zits or picking at the skin becomes a compulsion, it’s time to look a little deeper. What you… Read More »

What if antibiotics don't cure h pylori

Scientists believe that stressful life changes — i did not know anything about the bacteria, you will usually collect your stool at home. Using natural treatments might be helpful in preventing these side effects; it’s really important to take everything that your doctor prescribes and to follow her instructions. If you’ve been battling it for… Read More »