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Why a woman’s brain started leaking after Pilates

Woman’s Pilates injury causes her to leak brain fluid Medical Mysteries and Marvels: A 42-year-old woman feels a pop in her neck during a Pilates class and starts experiencing horrendous headaches. Her doctors diagnose her with Spontaneous intracranial hypotension, a condition where fluid leaks from the brain. Most people who suffer workout injuries incur a… Read More »

Indiana mom warns others of common virus after son, 3, hospitalized

An Indiana mom is warning others after a common virus hospitalized her 3-year-old son. Kim Roth told Fox 59 her son, Colton, has been at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis for roughly a week after he contracted the common adenovirus, which later developed into pneumonia. MOM’S RSV WARNING AFTER INFANT SON’S HOSPITALIZATION: ‘DON’T BE… Read More »

Woman’s Blood Turns Black After Taking Medicine to Treat Her Toothache – Newsweek

A woman who took medicine to treat a toothache was hospitalized after she came down with a potentially deadly condition that turned her blood a blackish colour. The unnamed 25-year-old woman visited an emergency department in Rhode Island complaining she had felt weak and tired for the past day, and was suffering from shortness of… Read More »