Blood Dripping Eyeliner Is Everybody’s New Favourite Look for Halloween 2019 and It Is HORRIFYING!

By | August 13, 2019
Blood Dripping Eyeliner Is Everybody's New Favourite Look for Halloween 2019 and It Is HORRIFYING!

Blood eyeliner for Halloween (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Blood eyeliner is the hottest trend for this year’s Halloween. For certain people, this eyeliner basically just looks like how our eyes look after countless attempts of a basic winged eyeliner. What started as a makeup meme, turned into a trend. People are coming up with their own, equally horrifying versions of the red eyeliner trend and this could pass as one of the best looks for Halloween. Tiny nurse and bee costumes, move aside! Beauty Trends 2019 Predictions: From Monochromatic Eyes to Metallic Lips, Experts Reveal Makeup Looks To Wear in the New Year.

You’ve seen the red eyeshadow trend. You’ve seen the red eyeliner trend. Now get ready for red bloody eyeliner trend. It started with a basic red eyeshadow, but now people are adding various things like wax and gel and making it more realistic. Makes us want to grab our eyes after looking at these images. Halloween 2018 Celebrations: When, Why, How and Everything About the Origin of This Spooky Festival.

How the Trend Started

Cute Red Eyeliner

And Now We Have THIS



How Realistic Is This?!

This look might look scary, but it is one of the easiest looks to create. As beauty gurus gear up to put out Halloween looks, back to back, we can expect a lot of blood eyeliner tutorials. Keep an eye out for these and try it yourself. It needs a red eyeliner, red eyeshadow and wax if you want to go all out.

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